Magnifying Your Skills is the Key to Unlocking Your Full Potential

Bring Your Full Self into Everything You Do with More Courage
and Confidence, Putting You Back in the Driver’s Seat of Your Life…

This Training Will Show You How, When it Really Matters

During This 2 Full Day Intensive Weekend

You Will Learn to Enhance Your
Skills, Talents & Knowledge to:

  • Create more confidence in critical situations
  • Self-generate the appreciation, worthiness, and self-respect so that others see you in the way that you want
  • Reduce your stress without losing your edge
  • Create more energy on-demand when it matters most
  • Accelerate the pace of moving toward your vision
  • Achieve the grounded self-confidence and trust from others to achieve your vision
  • Maintain your dignity and take care of your wellbeing no matter how challenging the circumstances
  • Strengthen emotional maturity, natural intelligence and authentic presence
  • Show up fully present in any given moment for the people who really matter

Have You Ever Had a Big Inspiring Vision for Your Life, and Something Just Keeps Getting in the Way…

But You’re Not Exactly Sure What it is?

You’ve got big goals, a positive mindset, and work ethic like nobody’s business… but something is missing.

As Someone Committed to Transforming Yourself and The World Around You, it’s Likely You’ve Come Up Against a Few Roadblocks Along Your Journey…

Any of This Sound Familiar?

  • You’ve reached a plateau and something is in the way of reaching your full potential, but you don’t know what it is
  • You find yourself not having the confidence to make the right choice in confusing or stressful situations
  • The way that you ask for help isn’t producing the results you desire
  • Deep down, you don’t trust yourself to produce the results that you truly desire
  • You are overwhelmed by all of the possibilities in life, and find yourself paralyzed as to which direction to move and where to focus your attention
  • You find it challenging to ask for what you need to be successful when it really matters

This Hands-on Training will Help You Develop the Tools and Practices Necessary to

Embody A Powerful And Authentic Leadership Presence to Shape Your Future  with Confidence

Here’s What We’re Up to…

Module 1

Mastering the Self

  • The five components of the authentic self
  • The body as a gateway to the self
  • Language, being and action
  • The importance of practice
  • Embodiment and the mind/body connection

Module 2

Embracing the Future 

  • Vision and embodiment
  • Attention vs. intention
  • Awakening an embodied commitment
  • Patience, presence and practice

Module 3

Building an Authentic Leadership Presence

  • Embracing your authentic self
  • How to have effortless focus and attention
  • Conquering enemies of authenticity
  • The power of being vs. trying or doing

Module 4

The Fundamentals of Trust

  • Understanding the four domains of trust
  • Building a trustworthypublic identity
  • Learn effective ways to enhance trust
  • Develop trust and enhance personal power

Module 5

Power, Energy and Action

  • Awakening and managing energy in the body
  • Produce sustained energy with ease
  • Enlarge your capacity to hold bigger commitments in a stress free way
  • Understanding and cultivating personal power

Module 6

Engaging Others for Results and Relationship

  • Determining & taking effective action when it really matters
  • Generating requests and receiving quality promises that produce results
  • Being committed to action, results and enhancing relationships
  • Maintaining credibility by taking care of others while achieving powerful results

Power Presence & Authenticity is
Created and Facilitated by


This 25 plus year career, Scott has helped accomplished professionals to achieve higher levels of performance and satisfaction in their lives. He has worked with CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, top scientists and engineers at NASA, rock stars and professional sports teams. His teachers include:  Dr. Richard Strozzi Heckler, Dr. Fernando Flores, Dr. Humberto Maturana, George Leonard, Julio Olalla and Rafael Echerverria.

  • Founder and Executive Director of the Institute for Embodied Wisdom

  • Founder and Principal at Sage Alliance Partners, an organizational performance consultancy

  • Designer and leader of the six-month  Art of Leadership Mastery Program (ALM)

  • Founder and Executive Director of the Association of Transformational Leaders SoCal (ATL)

  • Board Member and member of  the Transformational Leadership Council (TLC)

  • Co-designer and co-leader of NASA’s award winning, nine-month,  Leadership Alchemy Program

  • Board of Advisors member for the Arawaka Spiritual Center

  • Husband, father, surfer, cyclist, private pilot and fundraiser


The Institute for Embodied Wisdom exists to serve people who are committed to fulfilling their highest potential in both their personal and professional lives. Our programs and retreats utilize innovative, research-based solutions and breakthrough strategies from the forefront of the leadership and human potential movements.

Sage Alliance Partners is an organizational performance consultancy committed to igniting collective brilliance, satisfaction and joy among people working together in organizations around the world.