The Art of Leadership Mastery

Move Powerfully into the Future

The Art of Leadership Mastery is a comprehensive leadership development program that works on the premise that before you can lead anyone, first, you have to lead yourself. Our revolutionary and award-winning “synergistic learning method” enables participants to produce results in the world as authentic and inspiring leaders.

We believe leaders are in the “future business,” and they shape the future through people. To consistently produce breakthrough results, leaders must mobilize others in the face of risks and uncertainties while increasing the levels of trust and cohesiveness among those they lead. Our approach teaches participants to authentically embody a new, powerful and effective leadership self and move boldly into the future with confidence. Before you can lead anyone, first you have to lead yourself.

Circle of People

The ALM Program

This Program helps students achieve the following leadership outcomes:

  • Establish a compelling vision for the future
  • Set and achieve goals aligned with your vision
  • Develop a compelling and engaging leadership presence
  • Inspire collective action
  • Engage and mobilize others to accomplish great things
  • Make difficult decisions confidently according to principles and values
  • Have the ability to hold yourself accountable and others responsible
  • Ability to Master the Moment™ when faced with unplanned, unscripted situations

What’s In It for You?

ALM Program graduates report the following benefits:

  • Increased intuitive abilities
  • Improved emotional maturity and intelligence
  • More self confidence and ambition about the future
  • Reduced stress and ability to more effectively manage energy levels
  • The ability to take care of your own well being and generate a
    more balanced life
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Scott Coady

ALM Program Leader

In the ALM Program, Scott will introduce participants to the groundbreaking and award-winning leadership development principles he uses to cultivate the next generation of leadership for NASA and several Fortune 500 companies.

Scott’s leadership program for NASA, Leadership Alchemy, was recently ranked #7 in Leadership Excellence Magazine’s annual review of the best in leadership development for the Federal Government.

To learn more about ALM Program Leader, Scott Coady, click here.