Mission And Values


Our mission is to promote the process of awakening knowledge and wisdom in ones entire being. By engaging the mind, body and spirit, we support our students in the evolution of their authenticity allowing them to develop a powerful future.

Woman Praying Alone

We Promise to:

Ignite the Passion to Reach for and Live at One’s Edge

We offer learning that enables our students to make dramatic improvements in their personal and professional lives. Work at the Institute helps ignite or re-awaken our students’ ambition to make larger contributions at home, work and in their communities.

Accelerate the Evolution of the “Self”

We are committed to serving students who have chosen to embark on the journey of self-evolution. We support each person’s efforts to embody new ways of authentic being that will help him or her build more fulfilling and enriching lives.

Ensuring Learning is Simple and Effective

Over the years we have proven our methods produce measurable, lasting and meaningful results for our students. Key is ensuring that our approach isn’t too heady or difficult such that it produces an extremely reliable result for everyone who shows up committed to learn.


Big Dreams

Big dreams are ambitious, cherished aspirations and ideals that are the seeds of great futures. We support big dreams and those who dare to have them.


We encourage everyone to connect with what they care most about. We welcome our students to unleash their passion and let it propel them into the future they desire.


We strive to act from and share our authentic selves, while avoiding pretense and support you in doing the same. Alignment with your highest personal values, standards of excellence, needs and desires produces a life of dignity, fulfillment and self-reliance.


We honor each person’s unique learning journey and welcome you wherever you are in your growth. We will always strive to provide a safe, respectful environment that allows you to risk moving beyond your comfort zone.


We recognize that physical and emotional safety is an important ingredient enabling one to risk moving out of his or her comfort zone. We will always strive to provide a safe environment that allows students to more freely summon the courage to risk and grow.