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Leadership Immersion Journeys with Scott Coady

A leader’s most powerful tool to create the future is the self that he or she is and that others experience. It is that self that has the vision, that tells the story of the vision and that enrolls (or not) others to commit themselves to join that leader on a journey into the unknown. Creating a true committed team requires that people bet their future on the future the leader envisions and is committed to. For this to happen, the leader must be able to generate deep levels of authenticity and trust such that others feel safe betting their futures on the leader’s vision.

Scott works directly and “one on one” with executives, CEO‘s and potential CEO candidates to unlock and expand their leadership potential, in highly curated and customized Leadership Immersion Journeys. The work focuses on making powerful shifts in four of the five dimensions of the self – Mind, Body, Emotions and Mood. Each of which affect the other three and the overall experience and capability of the self.

These journeys typically extend several months and include multi-day deep dives and ongoing coaching to help the client embody new distinctions and practices.

Scott’s ultimate objective is to expand his client’s mindset and behaviors to support the ever-increasing size and scope of their vision and commitments while at the same time transforming the client’s relationship to stress and reducing the traditional stress responses that can often be debilitating and negatively impact relationships with others.

To discuss the possibility of a Leadership Immersion Journey for yourself, please contact Scott directly via email, text or phone at scott@embodiedwisom.com or +1 (415) 860-6990.

Executive Development