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About Us

The Institute for Embodied Wisdom was founded in 2005 to serve people who are committed to fulfilling their highest potential. We offer public and private programs for individuals, executives and companies interested in transforming their authentic selves to become even more effective people and leaders in a rapidly evolving world.  

Our innovative and proven approach combines methods and practices that produce transformations in each of the core elements of being producing a new self that transcends the traditional stress response, conserves energy and produces a higher level of authentic self confidence and self trust.

We utilize innovative, research-based somatic practices and breakthrough strategies that are at the forefront of leadership and human potential movements. The Institute for Embodied Wisdom provides a safe and powerful learning environment so you can expand your authentic self for the sake of your future.

About Us

Scott Coady

IEW Founder

In my work with organizations and individuals over the past 30 years, I have seen the profound benefits generated by those brave individuals and leaders willing to inquire deeply into their authentic self and way of being. Those who choose to put themselves on the path of learning, and work to re-shape themselves, find a constantly expanding horizon of opportunity and lead more satisfying lives. I created the Institute for Embodied Wisdom to support those brave explorers of the self regardless if they are already on the path or are ready to take their first steps.”

-Enjoy the Journey



Our Programs

All of our programs are designed to produce new levels of embodied competence, strength, confidence and capability to face life, the unknown and the emergent.  Our graduates report a transformation in their outlook noting a reduction in anxiety and an increase in desire to embrace and shape the future rather than being a victim of it. 

Our programs require full participation and are a blend of experiential, traditional and somatic learning.  Since we are training to face life and the future, we are training to be with and deal with people.  To assess who to and not to trust.  How to enroll and build alliances with others. To accomplish this, the foundation of all our programs are methods, practices, exercises and distinctions that aim to produce deep and lasting changes in mindset and behavior. 

Our Services

In addition to our group learning programs, we provide services to support executive and personal development.  Tailored to individuals, these services could include coaching conversations over time or deep dive immersion sessions designed to provide deep and lasting transformations. 

Content is highly customized to each individuals’ needs and accommodating when it comes to scheduling.  All of our practitioners meet our rigorous standards and as graduates of our core programs, are deeply embodied in the methods we use in those programs.

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