Corporate Programs

A Somatic Approach to Authenticity and Self Leadership with Scott Coady

    Power Presence and Authenticity participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of generating an authentic leadership presence that is engaging, enrolling and powerful. Participants will learn the distinctions of power and presence enabling them to enroll and engage others into committed action without generating breakdowns in relationships and trust.

    Through experiential and action learning, dialog, role play, and physical practices participants move beyond a mere understanding of concepts and into their beings such that they have the possibility to actually show up with a more powerful and engaging presence.

    Scott Coady, Founder of the Institute for Embodied Wisdom and creator of the Art of Leadership Mastery program, will personally introduce you to the fundamental techniques and practices which will enable you to: generate a more authentic and powerful presence; and support you in generating trust and becoming a more authentic leader.

    The workshop is an opportunity to engage in the same practices Scott uses in his award winning leadership programs originally designed for NASA. These techniques and methodologies are also taught in the Institute’s signature program, the Art of Leadership Mastery, a 7-month program based on somatics, philosophy, linguistics, integral studies, sports, and action learning.