Because you are reading this website, we know you are a seeker of knowledge and wisdom and you have dreams about your future. You are not resigned to more of the same for the rest of your life. You are ambitious about improving and shaping yourself so that you may gracefully handle the challenges and grasp the opportunities that are sure to come your way. You are interested in finding more effective ways to reach where you want to be.


We welcome you to join us on a path to embodied wisdom. To us, embodied wisdom is the kind of wisdom that lives in your entire being, not just between your ears. It is constitutive with who you are and your authentic way of being. Embodied wisdom is acquired through experience, not by reading books or listening to lectures. IEW offers a broad array of learning experiences to help accelerate your process of evolution and growth. Join us for one of our groundbreaking workshops or learning adventures.



IEW customizes personal coaching programs and one on one coaching is available to you both during and after our programs.

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