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The Institute exists to serve people who are committed to fulfilling their highest potential in both their personal and professional lives. Programs at the Institute are in-depth experiences presented in an interactive format designed to enable individuals and organizations to embody profound and sustainable change.


Establishing a Compelling and Inspirational Vision

To be effective, a leader must stand for something that commands others' attention and compels them to choose to be part of their mission.


We coach executives to become clear on their personal and authentic narrative and to answer the question “for the sake of what” am I establishing my goals and parameters?

We facilitate the conversations necessary to ensure the executive is aligned on, and committed to their vision, mission, and values and that they inspire others to move forward with them in an effective and powerful way. Once clear and aligned in their vision, a leader will find the energy, balance and discover how people are willing to follow their lead.


Executive Presence

Through this coaching, executives unlock the emotion/physical concerns that interfere with their vocal and physical expression. With a somatic coaching approach, we work with clients to help them become more embodied as leaders. Executives walk away with confidence and the tools that transform their challenges into authentic presence centered in their individual style. Programs are customized to meet the specific challenges of each executive we work with.


Authentic Leadership

We believe authentic leadership is all about building and creating instant trust and relationship out of who and how the executive is being when they are with and in conversation with a colleague, boss or employee. In short, it is about being real, all of the time. Our coaching enables executives to remove pretenses and barriers to being a leader from their authentic self.


Authentic Leadership 360 Assessment

This online 360 assessment measures the 12 dimensions of authentic leadership in 60 questions for up to 20 people. Sample report available.


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