"ALM is new territory! It can't be found in a book. Scott modeled a deeply relaxed and focused presence that guided us through one challenging arena after another in a spirit of team work. The "practices" that we adopted have permanently alerted my relationship to my body. I am listening to my body and I am consistently caring for it. My body is HAPPY and so it is telling me a lot that I could not learn from anyone else. When I asked my wife, Debby what change she had seen in me out of the ALM program she said, 'I used to see your thoughts scrolling across your forehead when I was speaking. Now, I can feel you listening.' And to top all that off, my business plan that had been lost in my planning department is effortlessly in action with results. I can't say enough about the depth and efficacy of this program. I am proud to say that I have signed up to take the course again."

 — Kap Young, Entrepreneur



"As a result of participating in ALM there are many positive shifts that have taken place in my life. My overall stress level is way down, I am no longer having trouble sleeping and my confidence level is up. This is different from any program I have participated in or any book that I have read because it is not traditional learning. The learning comes from experiences, not lectures and reading."

— Ron Cossa, Member - TWIW Insurance Services



"Through the ALM program, I have been able to lead myself into a more coherent manor of living. By gaining the ability to more fully understand the wisdom of my body, I have a much keener sense of my emotional, mental and physical well-being. The effect of the program on me was subtle at first, then, I began to experience a depth of being that I did not know existed. I feel gratitude as I reflect on the care and capacity of Scott Coady. The way Scott held space for individuals to find their path on this journey was masterful and I highly recommend bringing Scott onto your support team through the curriculum of the ALM program. I personally look forward to gaining more from the wisdom inherent through embodying the principles Scott teaches, it's lifelong learning that brings me closer and closer to the center of who I am as a human being." 

— Scott Carlson, Founder, Florabundance, Inc.



"It's a challenge to capture in words what this work does, because it's so much about presence and body wisdom rather than the intellect. This (somatics) has been a whole new realm of learning for me. The practices we learned and did daily were simple and easy to do, and yet within a few short weeks I experienced differences in the way I was showing up in the world - more centered, balanced and readily able to access my inner strength. Through this work and its learning, I have come to trust myself to move forward in business and in life without needing to know all of the steps in advance. I highly recommend this experience." 

— Will Castagna



"The Art of Leadership Mastery course gave me the tools to move forward with my vision. My commitment to doing the practices, the support I got from my team, and my willingness to be in the place of discomfort and uncertainty in my head and in my body as I moved towards achieving my vision, opened me up to an incredible "internal" healing and I can honestly feel in my body that I am more confident, empowered, and liberated. I love my authentic self!"

— Tessie Goddard






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